Dynamic scenography on board a robotic shuttle

Take a seat in an self-guided vehicle and experience an immersive show, entirely generated by an on-board scenic device.


 Show in Motion

Welcome to the future of visits and shows, where mobility meets dynamic scenography. 

Our concept pushes back the boundaries by using programmable autonomous vehicles, combining flexibility of movement and the creation of immersive shows without fixed infrastructure.

Unique Benefits

Optimal flexibility

self-guided vehicles create a variety of show routes without the need for additional technical infrastructure.

Significant savings

All the stage equipment is integrated into the vehicles, reducing installation costs.

Simplified maintenance

Centralised on-board stage equipment facilitates maintenance and durability (storage in a garage).

Multi-sensory experience

Spacialisation of the show, combining anamorphic images and videos, lights, sounds and sometimes smells.

Practical Application : 
A New Era of Shows in Motion 

Explore a unique experience where each vehicle becomes a platform for creating shows in motion.

Embark on unprecedented journeys, fusing technology, sound and dynamic scenography.

Indoor visits

Vehicles adapted to interior visits...


Outdoor visits well as outside

Automatic freedom of movement

Vehicles for 9 people

Deluxe vehicles with tasting table for 6 people

Each vehicle is self-guided and equipped to offer a complete immersive experience, with laser video projectors, LED speakers, LED projectors, spatialized sound diffusers and olfactory diffusers.

Technical specifications

Dynamic show

Like a modern explorer, each vehicle generates a continuous show, evolving in real time as you move. 

Travel through captivating virtual worlds aboard these innovative vehicles.



Can be adapted to any type of course with no technical limitations (no infrastructure).


Rapid renewal of a show with a new programme: no work required on the infrastructure.

Sound diffusion

Sound broadcasting offers several processes 

Directional Open Sound Broadcasting: General ambience, monolingual broadcasting for groups of the same language from the technical grill on the vehicle.

Individualised Broadcasting with Binaural Headsets: Option for managing multilingualism and spacialisation. Visitors equipped with binaural headphones are plunged into the heart of the sound universe, reacting according to their position and head movements.

KOMPAÏ robotics

Our commitment to the development of autonomous vehicles

For several years, we have been developing and testing various autonomous vehicles in order to improve our expertise in this field. Our aim is to continue to develop our knowledge and capabilities in this field.


6 autonomous 12-seater minibuses


Simserhof, tours in an autonomous vehicle

Autonomous taxi



And a great subtitle


Discover the sound odyssey by Anamnesia

This permanent night-time show, which runs from May to September, offers visitors an immersive experience of the world's wealth of sound and music. The Théâtre Antique d'Orange, renowned for its innovation over the last 2,000 years, offers a journey similar to that of Ulysses in Homer's Odyssey. Audiences are encouraged to move freely around the theatre to discover a dreamlike world full of visual and aural surprises, featuring deities, mythological characters and fantastic landscapes. The sound experience is accompanied by monumental videomapping, entirely designed by artificial intelligence, projected throughout the theatre. This allows the audience to be immersed in a multi-dimensional universe of sound and vision, representing an innovative technological advance in the world of entertainment.

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