The multifunctional robot for healthcare establishments that assists carers on a daily basis while keeping residents occupied and helping them to remain independent.

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Take care of our elders,

KOMPAÏ Assist takes care of the rest

A multifunction robot

KOMPAÏ Assist is a robot capable of performing a multitude of tasks to improve the quality of life of its users, from detecting falls or people to assisting mobility or providing entertainment and playful activities.


Feature details

Entertainment and social links

The KOMPAÏ Assist's entertaining tours, with music and light effects, provide a pleasant and soothing atmosphere for residents of nursing homes.atmosphère agréable et apaisante aux résidents des EHPAD.


Programming musical tours

 Informative announcements

Customisable (menu, activities, birthdays, etc.)


Can be integrated on the robot shelf

 Falls detection

Pre-programmed surveillance rounds

 Real-time alert

On any device (tablet, computer, phone, etc.)

 People detection

Supervision of people walking or on an exit route


The robot is equipped with advanced sensors that detect falls and immediately alert care staff, ensuring a rapid response in the event of an emergency.

Walking exercise


Keep in shape in an active, fun way.


3 2 1.. Walk on!

Walking stimulation

 Guided walk

Routes through the retirement home tailored to individual abilities  

Walking kit


Mobile & Autonomous

The robot moves autonomously around your premises, aware of its environment. Its various sensors and lasers enable it to manage obstacles efficiently and reliably.

Working closely with nursing homes

The development of Kompai Assist has been based on close collaboration with retirement homes, ensuring that it is adapted to the specific needs of residents and care staff.

Robust and reliable

This robot has been designed to meet the demands of the nursing home environment, offering exceptional durability and reliability, even under intensive conditions of use .

Experimentation and validation

The robot has been tested in a number of nursing homes, demonstrating its effectiveness and relevance in the field of assistance for dependent elderly people.


"A true tool that facilitates the practice of motor skills exercises. Residents are more motivated, and it is a help for us."

KOMPAÏ-4 / 2023

 KOMPAÏ-4 has a new and improved design, and includes the 3 main functions:

  • Mobility assistance with clip-on bar kit
  • Rounds with fall detection
  • Entertainment


KOMPAÏ-3 / 2019

  KOMPAÏ-3 has a new and improved design, and includes the 3 main functions:

  • Mobility assistance
  • Tours
  • Entertainment

KOMPAÏ 3  Video


KOMPAÏ-2 / 2016

KOMPAÏ-2, with its new and improved design, incorporates all IoT and Big Data technologies, in addition to state-of-the-art navigation and a human-machine interface. It has been available on the market since the beginning of 2016.

Voir KOMPAÏ-2:  video


KOMPAÏ-1 / 2009

  Designed in 2009, the first version of KOMPAÏ was used to generate dozens of robots that were used to carry out feasibility demonstrations during more than 1,000 days of experiments with different users.

KOMPAÏ 1  in action : video 1 et video 2

Our videos

 KOMPAÏ Assist for teaching and research centres

Our KOMPAÏ Assist robot has an API adapted to teaching. We offer an easy-to-use R&D version of the robot.