Recognition robot

The autonomous recognition robot

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 An autonomous security robot

The RF1 autonomous logistics robot is an autonomous recognition robot that can operate both indoors and outdoors. It has the capability to navigate across almost all types of terrain. RF1 is a versatile platform and can be configured with various types of sensors based on the mission requirements.


Feature Details


 > Pipeline exploration
> Recognition in hostile environments
> Operation in challenging terrain (25% incline)


> Autonomous navigation
> Autonomy exceeding 90 minutes
> Laser guidance + GPS + inertial navigation unit
> Certified under CE machinery directive

Spécifications techniques 

636x454x339mm (L x l x H)

<15 Kg


indoor, outdoor


up to 5 km/h




2 tracks

360° rotation



1 laser 360° + GPS + 3D camera+ IMU…

LiFePo 10Ah, 240W

24 V DC

Our videos

kom4WD relies on our 4 open PURE firmwares: low-level, control-command, sensors, security…
komNAV: includes navigation, trajectory generation and tracking, obstacle avoidance.
ROS: interconnection node with the environment.
UX: web applications for robot control and user interfaces.
R&D: 3 ways to develop your own software:

Enhance the existing ROS node and develop a new one with access API to komNAV and PURE.
Install a system (on a computer or external PC) using UDP communication with the low-level firmware.
Set up an external system (PC or tablet) using the HTTP API to interface with komNAV, where low-level functions are also exposed.