Towards Intelligent Navigation : The Evolution of Pathfinding with Neurokit2E
Rapid advances in artificial intelligence and robotics are paving the way for innovative developments in areas such as pathfinding. Currently, the European Neurokit2E project is making its mark by exploring innovative ways of improving pathfinding, an essential aspect of robotic navigation.
26 February, 2024 by
marina jallabert

Understanding pathfinding

Pathfinding is a key problem in the field of artificial intelligence. It involves finding the most efficient path to reach a specific goal, and plays a crucial role in planning and problem solving.

KOMPAÏ robotics contribution to improving pathfinding

As a key participant in the Neurokit2E project, KOMPAÏ robotics is contributing its advanced expertise to perfect the pathfinding system. The aim is to introduce obstacle memorisation, enabling robots to learn as they go along, avoiding the need to retry previously blocked routes.

Memorising obstacles

The innovative approach explores the possibility of robots memorising obstacles encountered during their journeys. Thanks to the involvement of KOMPAÏ robotics, this capability will enable robots to dynamically modify their path based on past experiences.

Dynamic Obstacle Removal

A major challenge in this process is determining the right moment to remove an obstacle from the robot's map. KOMPAÏ robotics plays a key role in contributing to the development of sophisticated methods, using advanced sensors and data processing algorithms to detect changes in the environment.

Dynamic Adaptation

By actively participating in the Neurokit2E project, KOMPAÏ robotics is aiming to give robots the ability to adapt dynamically. This promising collaboration represents a significant step towards autonomous and efficient robots, shaping the future of robotics and artificial intelligence. KOMPAÏ robotics continues to play a major role in creating innovative solutions for dynamic and complex environments.


By integrating obstacle memorisation into the pathfinding system, Neurokit2E aims to create robots capable of continuous and adaptive learning. This promising development represents a significant step towards more autonomous robots, capable of proactively adapting to dynamic and complex environments. Intelligent navigation is thus becoming a reality, opening up new prospects for the future of robotics and artificial intelligence.

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marina jallabert 26 February, 2024
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